About Us

who we are

Established in 2005, Southern Valet realizes the wants, needs and requirements of 1369322978restaurant and private event parking, as well as transportation throughout the Palmetto State. With more then ten years of valet experience, founders Derek Nattier and Sean Potter take pride in providing first-class service to every client, every time.

Because they work beside their parking attendants every day, the management team is informed of all daily operations and can respond quickly to any issue that may arise – even the unexpected Southern thunderstorm! Southern Valet is high-quality customer service you can trust.

Why Valet?

You may be thinking, “But do I really need a valet service?” During the last twenty years, Columbia has expanded and offers an ever-growing number of activities and facilities. Expansion in the residential, business and entertainment sectors has also meant an increase in traffic congestion and a lack of parking availability. When going out on the town, a key concern in everyone’s mind is, “Just where am I going to park?”


The inability to find accessible parking close to a destination can take away from the pleasure and excitement of any experience. For example, a private party at your home could easily become a disaster if guests have difficulty locating parking in a private neighborhood, especially if they have to walk in inclement weather. In addition, difficult parking can make other necessary activities, such as holiday shopping or stopping at an office, a dreadful occasion.

Southern Valet is perfectly personalized to provide everyone a memorable and enjoyable experience. Add them to your checklist for a flash of glamour and a load of convenience.

Some of our services include

Transportation Services

Southern Valet is proud to offer car and shuttle service for any event or occasion. No matter the event or amount of people you need to transfer, we can accomodate your needs with a custom-made transportation plan using one or several of our cars, vans, SUVs and busses.

Need a specific type of vehicle not listed here? Don’t worry — if you need it, we’ll find it. Contact us today about creating a transportation solution for you or your business.

No hassle, safe travel is our number one priority. We’ll handle the details and make sure everyone is boarded safely and greeted with a smile by one of our trained, reliable, friendly staff members. Put your trust in us… travel is one less thing you have to worry about as you coordinate your trip or event.